Fully loop-in suppliers and plug vital supply information into your planning infrastructure.


Data flows both ways: Suppliers provide important data and also have access to information from the rest of the organization.


Connectivity and data-sharing leads to a richer, better-informed planning process, which we’ll provide the technology to support.

Three things Steelwedge can do for your Supply Planning

Allow you to share data across your organization in a format everyone can understand on a platform everyone can use.

Help you loop your suppliers into the planning process, so planning isn’t only done within limited parameters.
Help your suppliers adequately connect with the company’s strategic and financial objectives.

Our goal was to pull our functional areas together, make sure they were collaborating and that one drives actions of the other. We put in place: people, process and technology to ensure that linkage.

Randy Ramsey, Director of Supply Chain Management, Contech


Action-ready planning in time with opportunity

SalesPlanning ProductPlanning DemandPlanning SupplyPlanning Revenue& MarginPlanning End-to-EndSupply ChainPlanning IntegratedBusiness Planning and Executive S&OP

Sales Planning

Confidently commit to sales targets and keep your team on track as market conditions change.

Product Planning

Agile product lifecycle management within your consensus plan.

Demand Planning

The best information to fully enlighten demand dynamics is often scattered around in disparate sources. Learn how to bring it all together.

Supply Planning

Fully loop-in suppliers and plug vital supply information into your planning infrastructure.

Revenue & Margin Planning

Plot sales, revenue and margin forecasts in one combined, real-time plan that uses constantly updated data from across your organization.

End-to-End Supply Chain Planning

Create a uniform communications and data-sharing platform to allow every element of your supply chain to provide complete input for maximum effect.

Integrated Business Planning and Executive S&OP

Effective planning requires buy-in from all levels of a company. Our Executive Sales & Operations Planning and IBP solutions focus on consensus building to combine disparate views and data into a united plan.