Sales Planning integrated with Supply Chain Planning and with integration makes it easy to stay in front of opportunities most likely to impact your supply chain.

Sales teams, planners and supply chain teams collaborate with ease to better manage revenue, margin and customer service trade-offs.

Decision makers can synthesize sales and supply chain decisions using direct and indirect demand insights.

Shape leads into customers

Enrich CRM opportunity data with timing, unit, supply and margin insights to more effectively unite sales and supply chain teams around objectives most important to your company.

Three things Steelwedge can do for your Sales Planning

Allow executives to identify changes in sales opportunities, using Excel-based dashboards.

Improve sales forecasts by incorporating rich, time-sensitive data from all over your organization.

Create strategic supply and demand balancing via “what-if” scenario analysis capabilities and reporting.

SalesSight™ forecasting for Salesforce

Give your team the power of sales planning within

Available directly within Salesforce at the click of a button, SalesSight brings the power of Steelwedge to the world’s leading CRM solution. Our dynamic big data cloud delivers real-time, actionable data into Salesforce in one click. User-friendly front-end platform makes accessing data easy.

Built on

Hosted on Salesforce’s infrastructure, SalesSight is available through the Salesforce AppExchange, the world’s leading business apps marketplace.

Fosters communication across the enterprise for better sales plans

SalesSight makes sure that your enterprise knows the key information about sales that they need to make decisions. It intelligently filters sales opportunity data into a view that’s meaningful to finance, product management, and operations. That means you can align sales-pipeline- and demand-history-based forecasts to help you quickly respond to changing market conditions and improve revenue predictability.

Improved forecasting and communication via

For Account Managers

  • Quickly and easily create and review forecasts
  • Compare month-to-month forecasts
  • Compare forecasts to sales quotas
  • For Everyone
  • Higher user adoption of plans

For Everyone

  • Higher user adoption of plans
  • More accurate sales forecasts
  • Predictable revenue and quota attainment
  • The power of Steelwedge with the ease-of-use of Salesforce

For Region Managers

  • Quickly review and adjust forecasts
  • Compare month-to-month forecasts
  • Compare sales opportunities with quotas and revenue targets
  • View data at an organizational level and quickly drill down to the details
Intelligent, meaningful: The SalesSight app

SalesSight intelligently filters sales opportunity data into a view that’s meaningful to finance, product management, and operations.


There's no doubt we've got payback. And it isn’t just about discrete fi­nancial metrics. There are numerous opportunities we wouldn't have been able to go after. We wouldn’t have been fast enough, integrated enough, agile enough to capitalize. Today we power more strategic initiatives and grab more market share from our competitors. 

— Randy Ramsey, Director of Supply Chain, Contech

Integration with Zyme Adds Downstream Channel Visibility

Integration with Zyme Channel Data Management and ensures supply chain teams have real-time downstream visibility to channel demand and inventory, so that the right inventory gets to the right distributors, resellers, retailers and e-tailers at the right time.

How It Works

Sales teams use Zyme and SalesSight directly on the salesforce platform, and both apps automatically send information to and receive information from the PlanStreaming platform. Supply chain teams and planners don’t have to wait for sales to tell them about changes in opportunities or demand, whether direct or indirect, since this information automatically flows into Demand Sensing, Demand Planning and Supply Chain Planning solutions on PlanStreaming. Supply chain decision makers can proactively get ahead of imbalances in supply and demand and can avoid shortfalls and overages in inventory by being tuned in to both direct and indirect demand at all times.


Action-ready planning in time with opportunity

SalesPlanning ProductPlanning DemandPlanning SupplyPlanning Revenue& MarginPlanning End-to-EndSupply ChainPlanning IntegratedBusiness Planning and Executive S&OP

Sales Planning

Confidently commit to sales targets and keep your team on track as market conditions change.

Product Planning

Agile product lifecycle management within your consensus plan.

Demand Planning

The best information to fully enlighten demand dynamics is often scattered around in disparate sources. Learn how to bring it all together.

Supply Planning

Fully loop-in suppliers and plug vital supply information into your planning infrastructure.

Revenue & Margin Planning

Plot sales, revenue and margin forecasts in one combined, real-time plan that uses constantly updated data from across your organization.

End-to-End Supply Chain Planning

Create a uniform communications and data-sharing platform to allow every element of your supply chain to provide complete input for maximum effect.

Integrated Business Planning and Executive S&OP

Effective planning requires buy-in from all levels of a company. Our Executive Sales & Operations Planning and IBP solutions focus on consensus building to combine disparate views and data into a united plan.