Extreme Networks - A Customer Success Story

Extreme Networks understands that the network is a strategic business asset. As one of the world’s largest leading providers of high-performance networking solutions, Extreme offers customers the highest quality products, the best customer care in the industry and an ease of doing business that improves customers’ ability to support the business. Their mission is “better connections” – based on the belief that the best experiences happen when people connect, enabling better connections between network elements, between the network and its users, and between the company and its vendor/partner ecosystem. 

To deliver the highest quality products, Extreme Networks employs some of the best engineers and innovators in the industry to create differentiated value through better technology. Design principles are governed by a scalable, adaptive and resilient architecture which enables unified visibility and control from the network edge to the data center with a single management system that integrates the control of wired and wireless networks to improve IT efficiency. The comprehensive data center portfolio provided by Extreme meets the diverse needs of enterprises of all sizes, service providers and HPC environments with the intelligence, agility, simplicity and high performance—with the scalability to meet future requirements.


We've been successful with S&OP because we’ve taken an iterative, 'Crawl, Walk, Run, Sprint' approach to implementation, testing, measurement and advancement... It's a non-stop journey. The only constant in business is change, whether its market disruptions, economic volatility, a natural disaster ... or you name it: they all have varying degrees of impact on the process. Achieving a 'Sprint', may only happen for a matter of seconds before continuous improvement kicks in and you re-evaluate. But we have an agile foundation in place to help us deliver better, more consistently — regardless of the circumstance.

Jack Lyon, Vice President of Operations