Is Your S&OP Lost in Translation?

October 06, 2014

While alignment between demand, supply and finance is essential for sales and operations planning (S&OP) success, each use different planning terms. As a result, many companies struggle to translate these terms into the “language” that each department speaks. Marketing and Sales use revenue terms, Operations plans in volume (cases, eaches, liters, kilograms) and Finance measures by revenue and margin. To make the translation even more challenging, different stakeholders plan at different levels of aggregation—or “dialects.” Some plan at the Product Family level, some at SKU and others at the Regional and Divisional level.

This webinar will explore how powerful S&OP technology seamlessly translates planning data from across the organization and all levels of aggregation into relevant units of measure to provide essential stakeholder insights.

Join this webinar to fully understand:

  • The translation obstacles that all companies face
  • The high costs associated with disjointed planning
  • Best practices to overcome translation challenges and ensure efficient and effective planning

Is Your S&OP Lost in Translation? from Steelwedge Software